An Overview of Our Rent to OWN Program

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Do you have a question about how our Rent to OWN program works? In this video I give you a good overview, as well as tell you a little about my background and why my wife and I have chosen to buy our next home through a rent to own.

Rent to Own FAQ – What Are Your Income Requirements

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While we accept just about all credit types (bad credit, no credit), we do have an income requirement for our rent to own homes. In general, you must have stable monthly income of at least three times the payment amount in order to qualify. This can come from your job, social security, disability, retirement, child/spousal… Read More

How Does A Rent To Own Work? – Rent Credits (FAQ)

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One of the great benefits of buying a house through a rent to own (lease-purchase) is you get to lock in the purchase price of your home and each month that you make a payment, you’re reducing the amount that you owe on the house when you purchase it. Just like buying, a portion of… Read More

Three steps to qualifying for a rent to own home

3 Steps to Qualify

If you’ve wanted to know what it takes to qualify for one of our lease-purchase homes, I break it down into three steps.