Three Ways to Buy a Home If You Can’t Qualify For a Loan Right Now

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According to the latest Case-Shiller data, released this week, home values saw year over year gains in all 20 metropolitan areas that are tracked. Holy cow, have we seen the real estate bottom? Maybe yes, maybe no. The fact is there are still a lot of foreclosures and ‘shadow inventory’ out there (bank owned homes… Read More

An Overview of Our Rent to OWN Program

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Do you have a question about how our Rent to OWN program works? In this video I give you a good overview, as well as tell you a little about my background and why my wife and I have chosen to buy our next home through a rent to own.

Wow, our houses are going fast! Congrats on our new rent to OWN buyers!


This weekend saw three of our rent to own homes getting tenant-buyers! Great properties go quick, especially when they’re offered with no-bank-qualifying lease-purchase/rent-to-OWN arrangements. Nelson and Debbie (pictured) are the latest members of the ‘family’ and we couldn’t be happier for them. All rent to own homes are NOT created equal, so be sure you… Read More

Buy a Home Now Without Bank Qualifying or a Large Down Payment…Rent to OWN Your Dream Home Now

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Stop wasting your money on rent….or living in a home that doesn’t meet your needs.  Discover how to move into a better home and say goodbye to renting forever!

The only truly FREE method to pull your credit report

Credit Report

Not sure where you stand with your credit? You may have seen tv or radio ads advertising a website where you can pull a ‘free’ credit report. (you know, the one with the catchy jingle and the guy playing the guitar) What they don’t tell you is that in order to get a free report,… Read More

So how do you qualify for a lease option?

Qualified - Yes - Maybe- No

So they say that lease options are a good ‘option’ (no pun intended) for someone who has bad credit or not enough of a down payment to qualify for a traditional loan.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone can, or even should get into a lease to own.  Here’s how to determine if a lease… Read More

What is a Lease Option?

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One of the best ways to buy a property nowadays is through a lease option. A lease option (also known as rent-to-own or lease purchase) is where you sign an agreement that allows you to lease a home for a period of time (usually 1-2 years, sometimes longer) and have the right (but not the… Read More