How to Establish New Credit If You Have Bad Or No Credit – Secured Credit Card

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If you have bad credit, or perhaps little to no credit history, a loan officer or credit advisor might recommend that you start establishing some new credit lines. By establishing an on-time credit history, you’ll be able to slowly increase your credit score over time, which will help you to qualify for a home loan… Read More

An Overview of Our Rent to OWN Program

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Do you have a question about how our Rent to OWN program works? In this video I give you a good overview, as well as tell you a little about my background and why my wife and I have chosen to buy our next home through a rent to own.

Wow, our houses are going fast! Congrats on our new rent to OWN buyers!


This weekend saw three of our rent to own homes getting tenant-buyers! Great properties go quick, especially when they’re offered with no-bank-qualifying lease-purchase/rent-to-OWN arrangements. Nelson and Debbie (pictured) are the latest members of the ‘family’ and we couldn’t be happier for them. All rent to own homes are NOT created equal, so be sure you… Read More

Warren Buffett says it’s time to buy single family homes. Renting to own a home can give you the same benefit!


The Oracle of Omaha has spoken. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that he’d buy up a “couple hundred thousand” if it were practical to do so. With home prices as low as they are now, along with insanely low interest rates, it’s a great time to buy. Now, I know you aren’t looking to buy… Read More

How a Rent to Own Works – The Numbers

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If you’ve ever wondered how all the numbers work with a rent to own home, check out this video. I go over purchase price, upfront option consideration, and monthly purchase credits. When you move into a rent to own home, your upfront option fee plus your monthly purchase credits will accumulate towards the purchase of… Read More

Lease Options – Better than renting, better than buying!

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So I am sitting in my home office right now, drinking a cup of coffee as I get the usual morning routine started, and I happen to glance at an article online that is talking about the real estate market. One of the statistics that looms over the housing recovery has to do with the… Read More

Beware of phony Craigslist ads

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I guess it goes without saying, but you can’t believe everything you read online. This is certainly true when it comes to searching for a home on Craigslist. A man in Indiana discovered this when he saw that someone was advertising his own house for rent on Craigslist!! Original article here. In addition to notifying… Read More

Three steps to qualifying for a rent to own home

3 Steps to Qualify

If you’ve wanted to know what it takes to qualify for one of our lease-purchase homes, I break it down into three steps.

Should I Buy that Car to Improve My Credit?

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If you’re having trouble qualifying for a mortgage because you have bad credit or lack of sufficient credit, you may have heard that it’s a good idea to establish some new credit lines so you can build up your credit. Well, not so fast. Opening up credit lines without speaking to a loan officer or… Read More

What it takes to qualify for an FHA mortgage


FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans are often the first choice for new homebuyers.  The down payment requirements are relatively low (3.5% currently) and credit score requirements are reasonable.  So, what else is there to know about FHA financing?  Why not go right to the source? FHA has a webpage where you can learn all about… Read More