How to Establish New Credit If You Have Bad Or No Credit – Secured Credit Card

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If you have bad credit, or perhaps little to no credit history, a loan officer or credit advisor might recommend that you start establishing some new credit lines. By establishing an on-time credit history, you’ll be able to slowly increase your credit score over time, which will help you to qualify for a home loan… Read More

Three Ways to Buy a Home If You Can’t Qualify For a Loan Right Now

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According to the latest Case-Shiller data, released this week, home values saw year over year gains in all 20 metropolitan areas that are tracked. Holy cow, have we seen the real estate bottom? Maybe yes, maybe no. The fact is there are still a lot of foreclosures and ‘shadow inventory’ out there (bank owned homes… Read More

An Overview of Our Rent to OWN Program

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Do you have a question about how our Rent to OWN program works? In this video I give you a good overview, as well as tell you a little about my background and why my wife and I have chosen to buy our next home through a rent to own.

Rent to Own FAQ – What Are Your Income Requirements

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While we accept just about all credit types (bad credit, no credit), we do have an income requirement for our rent to own homes. In general, you must have stable monthly income of at least three times the payment amount in order to qualify. This can come from your job, social security, disability, retirement, child/spousal… Read More

How Does A Rent To Own Work? – Rent Credits (FAQ)

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One of the great benefits of buying a house through a rent to own (lease-purchase) is you get to lock in the purchase price of your home and each month that you make a payment, you’re reducing the amount that you owe on the house when you purchase it. Just like buying, a portion of… Read More

Wow, our houses are going fast! Congrats on our new rent to OWN buyers!


This weekend saw three of our rent to own homes getting tenant-buyers! Great properties go quick, especially when they’re offered with no-bank-qualifying lease-purchase/rent-to-OWN arrangements. Nelson and Debbie (pictured) are the latest members of the ‘family’ and we couldn’t be happier for them. All rent to own homes are NOT created equal, so be sure you… Read More

Warren Buffett says it’s time to buy single family homes. Renting to own a home can give you the same benefit!


The Oracle of Omaha has spoken. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that he’d buy up a “couple hundred thousand” if it were practical to do so. With home prices as low as they are now, along with insanely low interest rates, it’s a great time to buy. Now, I know you aren’t looking to buy… Read More

Three steps to qualifying for a rent to own home

3 Steps to Qualify

If you’ve wanted to know what it takes to qualify for one of our lease-purchase homes, I break it down into three steps.

Rent to Own this Bremerton Home for Less than First, Last and Deposit Credit dings, self employment all OK!


Do you want to stop throwing your money away towards rent, and start building equity? How about the chance to rent-to-OWN a home and move in for less than the first, last and deposit you’d have to spend to just rent?!? We’re offering this 2 bedroom 1 bath home in Bremerton on a lease-purchase contract…. Read More

We just moved into a rent-to-own home!!

Our New Rent to Own Home

Can you say “practice what you preach?” Yes, we just did it. My wife was searching around online for homes, when she came across a nice home in Bremerton, right in the area we have always loved. She forwarded the listing to me. It was a beautiful 1938 craftsman that had been completely renovated, with… Read More