What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Rent To Own Buyers

Mike and his team at Washington Home Solutions are top notch professionals!!!

I saw Mike’s ad on Craig’s List for a beautiful home in Kingston that was very close to my wife’s and my dream home. We were hesitant at first because both my wife and I have some pretty nasty dings on our credit reports from our ex’s.

We contacted Mike and he had us email him all of our information including our credit reports and he immediately began working with us. He did not make us feel like lesser individuals because we have credit issues. He guided us through the process of leasing to own your own home thoroughly explaining every detail of the process.

After careful consideration my wife and I took the plunge and made the decision to follow Mike’s advice on leasing to own your own home. My wife and I made a reasonable down payment on the house and in less than two weeks we are now living in a home that we will own in lieu of paying rent to a landlord.

My wife and I are so grateful we found Mike’s ad and followed his advice. As we looked at alternative housing solutions our credit reports were going to prevent us from being able to rent anywhere without having to pay large extra fees plus have a trustee sign the rental agreement vouching for us to guaranty payment. Even meeting all of those requirements we still would not own the unit, we would be paying rent to a landlord.

Mike and his team went above and beyond to meet at times and locations convenient for us. He assured us of everything thorough out every step of the process. Now my family and I are living in our dream home and rebuilding our credit to purchase it out right with a large portion of our rent going towards the down payment or coming off of the asking price of our dream home at the end of our lease.

We went from being almost unable to rent even an apartment due to our credit to on our way to owning our dream home all thanks to Mike and his team. Even after closing the deal to lease to own with Mike and his team Mike continues to go out of his way to offer us advice and counseling to ensure that we will be in the right place financially to buy our home at the end of the lease.

I would highly recommend Mike and his team at Washington Home Solutions to anyone looking for a high quality place to live provided to you by a courteous professional staff that will break you free from the mundane cycle of paying a landlord and on your way to the American Family dream of home ownership regardless of your current credit situation.


The Riegel Family

We Truly Appreciate all that the Program Has to Offer

Our experience with the lease to own option has been great. Seeing how my wife and I both had some credit issues from past relationships, this program was the best fit for our circumstances. Utilizing this program has given my wife and I the option to finally stop wasting our money on renting, and to invest in our own home and in our future. The lease to own program was extremely easy to get involved in, just a few papers, and we were off and rolling, as far as if its going well, its great like I stated before. We would definitely recommend this option to people out there that have ever had any difficulties purchasing your own home, for whatever the reason. This program allowed us to get into a house that we wanted. not just “what we could get” and with little money down. If given the chance to do it all over again, we would in a heartbeat!! We truly appreciate all that the program has offered!

Mark and Lisa C.- Gig Harbor, WA

Beyond Satisfied!

In August of 2007 the military transferred my husband and I from CT to WA state. We arrived in WA and rented a home much too small for our family for awhile. While looking through Craigslist real estate ads in April of 2008 we came across a beautiful home we loved.  We called an spoke with Mike Sumsky of Washington Home Solutions and we thought it was too good to be true.  We were able to lease to own a beautiful 3 bedroom 3 bath Illahee area home.  When we moved in our current payment was less than the rent of our very small townhome. In addition we called him in April and were moved in within two weeks the process was smooth, honest and quick.

Working with Mike and the staff of Washington Home Solutions has always been a pleasure they feel more like extended family who know truly what empathy is. I would recommend anyone to see what Washington Home Solutions can do for you. They have made it possible in economic crisis for us own a home we otherwise never would have had access too.  Beyond Satisfied!

Joseph and Tiffany B. – Bremerton, WA

Making all of Our Dreams Come True

We were frustrated and worn out with rental denials, than Mike and Janet came along. You were like our knights in shining armor. We found a house, a couple pieces of paper later and we were in. No stress, no unbearable commitments, and we were relaxed through the whole experience. Mike and Janet are some of the sweetest people and most down to earth.

Thank you for finding us a home and making all of our dreams come true.


Sarina & Jacob B. -

Gig Harbor, WA

Found the Whole Experience Painless

Thank you for letting me tell my story. My wife and I found the whole experience painless, and the other realtors that I had talked to said that they couldn’t beat the deal that we were getting. The whole thing was a win-win situation for the buyer.

The awesome thing is that you handled everything, considering we were coming all the way from Texas and the house was ready when we got here.

Brian and Shannon S.

- Tacoma, WA


Most Caring and Considerate Gentleman in the Real Estate Investment Field

I had the greatest pleasure working with one of the most caring and considerate gentleman in the real estate investment field.  I went through personal ups and downs concerning my final decision.  This gentleman was never pushy and always expressed that my personal well-being and comfortable decision was most important.  What else can I say about Mike except that if you choose to work with this gentleman, you will never be disappointed.  He is truly wonderful.  Written with pleasure.

Yolanda – Bremerton, Washington

I Would Recommend You to Others in a Heartbeat

I met and got to know you through REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) of which you lead the Kitsap County satellite group. You had a talk one night on Lease/Purchase options so I saw and heard your expertise on this subject come through. I had known about Lease/Purchase options for some time but felt uneasy about all the aspects that need to be attended to. When I first talked to you about helping me with finding leasee/buyers I knew that was the way to go.

You have been super easy to work with, friendly and concerned about what I wanted.
What really impresses me is how great your marketing system is which has brought buyers that are motivated and not just looky lou’s, how you make it look easy as buyers keep coming.

You have a warm and friendly personality and exude competence, which makes for a great result. You are always readily available by phone or email and I can tell you want this to succeed as much as I do.

I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat. I know you will take care of them and be concerned about their needs as much as you were with me.

Thank you very much, it couldn’t have been better.

Ken Tucker MD

Within Two Weeks of Meeting You, You Sold BOTH of My Houses

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for all you’ve done in selling my two houses.  When I first met you and you told me about your company, Washington Home Solutions, I knew you took great pride in your company.  During the next two weeks, I understood why.

I spent at least six months trying to sell my houses and was repeatedly let down by people saying that they were buying then changing their minds.  Within two weeks of meeting you, you had sold both of my houses.  I had several other concerns after you found buyers and you were right there to help me out.  You genuinely care about your clients and go above and beyond what you have to do.

I can’t thank you enough for the kindness and generosity you showed me.  I would highly recommend you to anyone that needs help selling their real estate.  Thank you so much.

Elexa – Renton, WA

I would recommend Mike Sumsky without reservation!

I have been a real estate investor for over 40 years. When I met Mike Sumsky several years ago, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, energy and ability to get things done. Mike has great ideas and a terrific understanding of using technology in marketing. He does a customized video of each home that is the key to his filling Rent to Own homes fast with great tenant-buyers. I have use him on several of our rent to own houses over the last few years. I would recommend Mike Sumsky without reservation!

Harry Beggs

We Had No Equity.  You Still Saved Our House

My wife and I were at ropes end and facing financial ruin including bankruptcy and the loss of our home to foreclosure. Mike Sumsky showed up at our door and saved our home.  He provided us the opportunity of a short sale. This was a great relief to us.  Mike gets our vote.  He is trustworthy and will do his best to help.  You are in great hands with Mike Sumsky.

Tom and Rosalind – Des Moines, Washington

Saved from Foreclosure and Given a Second Chance

We would like to thank you for the help that you provided us during our hard times.  In April of 2004 we were facing foreclosure on our house.  You helped us to save our home and credit and give us money as well.

You were professional, truthful, helpful, and upstanding in every aspect of our business.  I recommend you to anyone who is looking for help.

Allen and Natalya – Bremerton, Washington

Paid Off Debts – Got Our Life Back

Mike was referred to us by our good friends, Brian and Stacey.  They had encountered recent events over the course of about a year that made it difficult to hold on to their home and Mike came in to help them out of a jam.

When we found ourselves in the same situation, we decided to give Mike a call.  I battled cancer a year and a half ago and as you can imagine the medical bills had piled up.  During the same time frame my husband whom is self employed had a couple of months with little to no work, we found ourselves unable to pay all of our bills.  The mortgage was always 30 to 60 days behind.  We were receiving calls on a daily basis from the loan companies for the vehicles.  It finally got to the point where they came and repossessed one of the vehicles.

Mike was a pleasure to deal with; he was honest and up front about everything.  He was able to work with us to make sure that we could obtain our vehicle back before it became a bigger problem.  In selling our home to Mike, we were able to take care of a lot of debt and put our life back in order again.  Thank you!

Kari and Ferdinand – Seatac, WA

You are a Godsend!

There are no words to express the gratitude we feel! THANK YOU doesn’t seem big enough. Mike Sumsky and Washington Home Solutions have truly been a Godsend.  We are the Davenport’s one of the many families who fell victim to the Ameriquest Scandal. Mike came into our lives during a time of stress and struggles. He helped us find the best resolve to our situation, which for us happened to be selling our home.  Mike was able to do this quickly and we were able to get enough cash out to get us into another home. We find Mike to be upfront, honest, and very personable- a trait that seems hard to come by these days and very appreciated.  Mike actively listened to our concerns and eased our anxieties. We finally feel as if we can breathe again. Mike simplified things for us in terms we could understand and was prompt with his response time when we had questions. We highly recommend Washington Home Solutions. It has truly been a pleasure to work with them!

Sincerest Thanks,

The Davenports – Marysville, Washington

I called you out of pure desperation.  You are a Miracle Worker!

Dear Mike,

We wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us. I called you out of pure desperation. I did not think there was any way we could be helped. We were in a bad situation that kept getting worse.  When we purchased our house in July of 2003, we were young first-time home buyers without any clue as to how the process worked.  Inevitably, we fell behind on payments. My husband and I began discussing what we were going to do about trying to find a rental home and how we could possibly “get out” before they foreclosed and took it.  As I was driving home, I saw one of your signs. I passed them almost every day, and on a whim I wrote down your phone number. I called you that night when I got home. You were the first person to actually listen to our situation and offer to come to our home, meet with us, and see what you could offer. Not only were you able to offer to purchase our house to get us out of foreclosure, but you offered to try and help us find another home. We were able to find a “lease-to-own” home and as a final show of what a miracle worker you are, you were able to offer us $10,000 as an “equity trade” to us for our home in order for us to have a down payment. A week later, we signed the papers with you.  When I called you, I was desperate. I have never before felt so depressed and that there was no longer any hope. You changed all of that for us. Not only did you save our credit and piece of mind from having to go through a foreclosure, but you revived our spirit.

We don’t even know how to ever thank you enough!


Peter and Sheri – Port Orchard, Washington

We Wouldn’t Have Known What to do Without You

Dear Mike,

We want to thank you for helping us out with our home.  We fell behind in payments because we are on a fixed income, and when we tried to sell, our Realtor said we couldn’t even list the home unless we cleaned up all the vehicles and debris around the house and we didn’t have enough money.  Also, we owed so much on our mortgage that we would actually have to pay out of pocket to sell.

We called you up and you said that you could work with our lender to attempt a short sale. They accepted your offer which allowed us to sell the home and avoid foreclosure.  Thank you so much for you hard work.  We feel so relieved that we saved our house from foreclosure.  We wouldn’t have known what to do without you.


Ione and Albert – Camano Island, WA

I Would Recommend You For Sure

Thanks for helping me out when I needed some cash fast.  You bought my house for a fair price and closing was quick and easy.  I really appreciate your help.  I would recommend you for sure.


Mike – Renton, WA

This Was the Prayer that I had been Hoping For

I would like to take the time to tell you, that I do understand and know exactly how you’re feeling now, as I was in your same shoes 4 months ago.  I stayed up nights thinking after 20 years in my home, here I am on the verge of losing it.  I had injured myself, used what I had put away for rainy days, and now I was faced with not working for many month’s to come.  I was driving and had noticed a sign by my home.  I have no idea why this number caught my eyes and so I went home with full intentions of hearing this person say ‘there is nothing we can do for you.’  That never happened.  For the first time, when Mike Sumsky walked into our home, I felt this was the prayer that I had been hoping for.  We didn’t file bankruptcy,  and we are still in our home.  Hope is free, and it never hurt anyone to hope for a better day.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and best of luck in whatever your decision may be.

Bonnie – Renton, WA

Mike Works Quickly to Make Things Happen

From the moment we contacted Mike Sumsky, we knew we made the right decision.  Mike is very personable and knows his “stuff”.  He’s very knowledgeable about real estate and the home buying process.  Mike is compassionate and works quickly to make things happen.  Mike always makes himself available to answer

questions and treats you as if you are his only client.  He’s indeed a pleasure to work with.

Stacey and Brian – Kent, WA

It Was Truly the Best Thing that Happened to Us This Year

It was during a difficult financial time that my wife and I decided to sell our home.  We tried to sell through a Realtor but because there as little equity after such a short period, we decided to sell it “by owner”.  The time that the house sat on the market only put more pressure on our financial situation.  Several interested parties made offers, but they were too low.  Some offered trades or asked if we would finance them.  To no avail, we needed to sell the house and we needed to sell it fast.

After checking the mail one day there was an interesting post card from Washington Home Solutions.  I put it on the counter with the rest of the junk mail to sort through later.  I read the back of the card that evening as I held it over the trash can about to toss it in.  It was from Mike Sumsky and the first line explained it all.  I read it out loud to my wife who was sitting in the next room, “I want to buy your home”.  I picked the card out of the pile and tossed the rest away.  I called him the next day.

The card indicated that Washington Home Solutions buys homes from people who need to sell quickly and cannot use the conventional methods of selling.  I dialed up the number, Mike (the president of the company) answered it himself, not a pushy sales associate.  He told me that his company specialized in buying homes that have little or no equity.  Sounded good to me I told him, so we set up an appointment and met at our home for a quick consultation.

After our meeting and a quick walk around the place he said that his company could help us out of our situation.  It was quick and Mike came through on his promises.  It was truly the best thing that happened to us this year.

Thanks Mike!

Matt and Julie – Port Orchard, WA

You Did Everything You Said You Would

I wanted to give you a sincere THANK YOU for helping me out with my house.  I purchased my property with the intention of fixing it up and having it as an investment.  Unfortunately, the remodel costs started to climb as the real estate market started to fall.  I was faced with the situation of owing more than the house was worth!  To make matters worse, I had some other rental property with tenants that were either moving out or not paying rent.

I was headed to foreclosure, but thankfully you mentioned that you might be able to help by working with my lender to accept a short sale.  I put all my trust in you, and to your credit you did everything you said you would.  You were able to successfully negotiate the short sale, which allowed me to sell my house and avoid the foreclosure.

I cannot thank you enough for your help, and would recommend you to anyone else who finds themselves in a situation like mine.


John – Tacoma, WA

Mike Went Above and Beyond Our Expectations!

Washington Home Solutions offered the perfect option in leasing our home.  Having a beautiful property and now second home, our wish was not be to landlords.  Finding an appreciable family who would take care of our home and treat it as if it were truly there own would be a monumental task.  Mike Sumsky owner of Washington Home Solutions shot a video tour of our house and property which directed traffic to his web-site, not inside our home.  Mike found and qualified the perfect individuals, who most notably were not local, but from Northern California.  Mike went above and beyond our expectations with this process; he even went a far as getting his hands dirty helping out when it was crunch-time.  If you’re searching for someone with extensive knowledge in real estate, who cares about you the home owner, the home seeker/buyer and takes pride in his business, look no further, Mike Sumsky will find a home solution that fits your needs.  Many thanks to Washington Homes Solutions and Mike Sumsky for all their efforts!


Steve and Leanne – Seattle, WA